Friday, October 19, 2012


Summer is coming! Out on a picnic with the Pietzolds :)

BBQ master at work :0

Mall time!

Katey learning to use the mouse on the computer.  

Been a while since I've taken good pics of my beauties...Anna was a stinker..but Katey is becoming Mama's little model!

She REALLY wanted these peddles to fly...too bad it was really wet to start out with...and even wetter after :)

FB Comment: Katey "mommy, when I gwo up I want Anna to be married to Ewija and I want to be married to Cooper, if I want." :) — 

Washing the car with Daddy :)

Love my silly girls!

Safety first!

Driving to Brookings! Love how they hold hands...and how they are finally quiet :)

Katey Quote: "Look Daddy! God is making clouds!"

After a long drive we finally got to Brookings!  LOVE Grammy/Grandpa time...and the difference between the two :)
There are things you do with Grammy...

(and even Dad & Mom wil join in) 


And then there are things you do with Grandpa... :)

 And both are equaly special :)

Then there is something we ALWAYS do together :)


This last fun activity was something that Daddy and Grandpa did when Daddy was in Highschool, and this time, Katey got to hold the kite all by herself!  (And Mama had quite a blast two-thats me on the right rocking it!) :) 

It was an awesome trip and I love that even when we are home we get to stay connected :)

Face timing with Grammy

Tent time :)

Waiting for our friend "Yiwwi" to come for dinner :)

Stay tuned for a fun packed June!